Degree Requirements

Students are responsible for making certain that their plan of study meets all degree and major requirements.

Requirements for All Bachelor’s Degrees (taken directly from General Announcements 2015-2016)

To graduate from Rice University, all students must:

  • Be registered at Rice full time for at least 4 full fall and/or spring semesters
  • Complete the requirements of at least one major degree program
  • Complete at least 120 semester hours (some degree programs require more than 120 hours)
  • Complete at least 60 semester hours at Rice University
  • Complete at least 48 hours of all degree work in upper-level courses (at the 300 level or higher)
  • Complete more than half of the upper-level courses in degree work at Rice
  • Complete more than half of the upper-level courses in their major work at Rice (certain departments may specify a higher proportion)
  • Complete at least 60 hours outside of their major for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees (exceptions: requirement does not apply to Bachelor of Science degrees with an engineering major; Architecture majors are required to complete only 36 hours outside the major)
  • Complete all Rice courses satisfying degree requirements with a cumulative grade point average of at least 1.67 or higher
  • Complete all Rice courses that satisfy major requirements (as designated by the department) with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 or higher
  • Take the English Composition Examination and satisfy the Writing and Communication Requirement
  • Satisfy the Lifetime Physical Activity Program (LPAP) requirement
  • Complete courses to satisfy the distribution requirements
  • Otherwise be a student in good academic and disciplinary standing and not under investigation

No more than three hours of credit for student-taught College Courses (COLL) may be counted toward graduation. This includes all courses COLL 100-199 as well as COLL 200 Teaching Practicum.

No more than four hours of credit for LPAP courses may be counted toward graduation.

In order to earn a second degree, students must fulfill the requirements outlined in the Dual Degree Requirements section in the General Announcements.

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