Pre-Graduate School

At Rice, a majority of students consider attending graduate or professional school. Often they seek to gain additional knowledge in a field of interest, expand career opportunities and increase earning potential, or work closely with experts in a particular discipline. In fact, in response to the 2012 Senior Exit Survey, 36% of Rice graduating seniors indicated that they would attend graduate or professional school immediately after graduation. Another 47% indicated that they would pursue advanced study at some point in their future.

Before making the decision to attend graduate school, carefully reflect on your reasons for continuing your education. Weigh the time commitment, financial considerations, personal adjustments and sacrifices, and readiness to pursue graduate level work. Assess the value of a graduate degree in terms of earning potential, entry into a profession, advancement, and competitiveness. Seek guidance from faculty, alumni and other professionals in the field, academic and career advisors, and current graduate students.

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