Study Skills & Time Management

Each year, some students struggle to implement the study and time management skills necessary to perform well in the academically rigorous environment at Rice. It is important to remember that all students at Rice are talented and capable, but college is unlike high school. Students notice differences in the way classes and assignments are structured, and realize that the expectations of college professors are beyond those of high school teachers. Additionally, students experience a greater degree of personal freedom and responsibility.

Self-discipline is instrumental to success. Students need to prioritize work and schedule study time. Gathering syllabi, making schedules, and avoiding unnecessary distractions are vital tasks. Students should consider the best time of day and location to study. Students are also encouraged to be realistic about their time constraints. A balanced schedule of academics, extracurricular activities, and personal well-being that leaves room for the unexpected is the goal. It is critical to know the available resources for academic assistance and use them at the first sign of difficulty.

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