Junior Year

Your path up until this point has been about exploring the breadth of academic and co-curricular opportunities at Rice. As a Junior, your focus changes. Breadth gives way to depth. Introductory courses cede to upper-level courses for your major. The beginning of your third year is a great time to sit down with your Major Advisor. Review your academic plan together. Discuss what you can do inside and outside of the classroom to take full advantage of the department’s opportunities and optimize your learning.

Junior year can also be sobering. You become more aware of the world beyond the hedges because in just two short years, you will be a part of it. You will be thinking more seriously about internships and employment, fellowships, or graduate and professional school. Just as there were advising resources available to you as a freshman to help you explore your academic options, there are resources at Rice to empower and prepare you for the journey ahead. Take advantage of the resume building and interview resources at the Center for Career Development, the fellowships and undergraduate research opportunities at the Center for Civic Leadership, and the specialized advising in the Office of Academic Advising (OAA).

Useful Documents:

Academic Planning

Degree Works: Electronic Degree Audit System

Faculty Major, Minor, and Transfer Credit Advisors

Center for Civic Engagement Leadership and Research Courses

Fellowships and Scholarships – Preparing to Apply

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