Major, Minor, Transfer Credit Advisors

Major Advisors and Minor Advisors are all faculty advisors who represent their respective academic departments or disciplines and are intimately familiar with specific major or minor requirements. They have the most current knowledge of discipline-specific things like...

  • course offerings
  • curricular sequence
  • independent study projects
  • research and internships
  • professional organizations
  • current trends
  • graduate schools
  • careers related to the field

We strongly recommend that students communicate frequently with major and minor advisors, even prior to declaring a major or minor, so they can make informed decisions. Feel free to reach out to any major or minor advisor at any time. After declaring a major or minor, we encourage you to meet with your major and minor advisors each semester.

Transfer Credit Advisors have a more specific role in determining Rice-equivalent credit for courses taken at other universities, and they often ask for course descriptions, syllabi, and other materials to make such determinations.

You will go to the transfer credit advisor for the department that houses the class you would like equivalent credit for. As an example, if you are a chemistry major trying to get equivalent credit for MATH 102, you would go to the mathematics transfer credit advisor, NOT the chemistry transfer credit advisor.


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