Academic Plan

The Academic Plan Template is a tool students may use to plot in advance which courses they intend to complete to satisfy the graduation requirements. The creation of a four year plan begins with utilizing the General Announcements of the matriculation year, as it serves as the official document governing both the general degree and academic major requirements students must fulfill. Keep in mind that a four year plan is rarely a static document. In fact, it is common for students’ interests and goals to change, so a guiding principle in entire the academic planning process is flexibility.

Establishing relationships and regularly communicating with individuals throughout the Rice advising network will make planning more effective and thorough. Ultimately, a student’s four year plan is the responsibility of the student, so they should make frequent use of the Rice advising network and adequately prepare prior to meeting with an advisor.

Useful Documents:

Academic Planning Document

Rice Academic Plan Template – Word Document

Rice Academic Plan Template – Excel Document

General Announcements

Distribution Credit Master Lists

Course Catalog

Degree Works: Electronic Degree Audit System

Engineering Undergraduate Advising Booklet 2017-2018

Natural Sciences Advising Booklet 2016-2017

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