Welcome to the Office of Academic Advising at Rice University

The Office of Academic Advising (OAA) at Rice University leads and engages a community of academic advising that strives for an unparalleled environment for students to explore opportunities, identify goals, and implement plans to reach those goals. We aim to provide an undergraduate experience marked by personalized academic plans, intellectual and personal relationships with faculty, and acquisition of both general knowledge and discipline-specific expertise. We value the breadth of perspectives provided by faculty, staff, and peer academic advisors who work collaboratively to guide and introduce students to the multitude of opportunities and resources across campus. Finally, we encourage all students to take ownership of their undergraduate experience by proactively exploring, consistently reflecting, and deliberately planning as their goals change over time.

Advisor Lists & Contact Information:

OAA Contact Information

Divisional Advisors 2015-2016

Major Advisors 2015-2016

Minor & Certificate Advisors 2015-2016

Transfer Credit Advisors 2015-2016

Peer Academic Advisors 2016-2017

O-Week Peer Academic Advisors 2016-2017

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