Divisional Advisors

Divisional Advisors are Faculty Associates of a residential college who are selected and engaged by College Magisters to provide academic advising to students prior to their declaration of major. Each Divisional Advisor serves their residential college by representing one of the four major undergraduate academic divisions: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering.*  Divisional Advisors are trained by and work closely with the Office of Academic Advising (OAA) to keep up to date on academic rules and regulations, graduation requirements, educational opportunities, academic resources, and other important or time-sensitive information. Divisional Advising may include a wide range of topics including personal interests, course choices, short and long term plans, and co-curricular opportunities, to name a few. Divisional Advisors have tremendous knowledge, insights, and experiences to share, but they do not have expertise in all majors, so they will often also refer students to Major Advisors in academic departments or advisors in collaborative offices across campus (ex. Center for Career Development, Study Abroad, Office of Fellowships and Undergraduate Research, Center for Civic Leadership, etc.).

*Due to their smaller size, the Schools of Architecture and Music have specific advisors within their respective schools.

Useful Documents:

Divisional Advisors 2016-2017

Advising Relationship Expectations

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