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We encourage all students to generate an academic plan that reflects their personal and educational goals, clarifies priorities, and makes the most of an undergraduate experience. Even with careful planning, students typically face challenges along the way. The OAA is committed to assisting students with academic planning and helping them handle the challenges. The following links provide the tools necessary to explore opportunities and devise a customized academic plan.

Academic Planning Template

The Academic Plan Template is a tool created by the OAA which students may use to plan which courses they intend to complete to satisfy the graduation requirements. The creation of a four year plan begins with utilizing the General Announcements of the matriculation year, as it serves as the official document governing both the general degree and academic major requirements students must fulfill. Keep in mind that a four year plan is a living document; it is common for students’ interests and goals to change, so maintain some flexibility in your plan and keep it electronically so edits are easy.

Establishing relationships and regularly communicating with individuals throughout the Rice advising network will make planning more effective and thorough. Ultimately, a student’s four year plan is the responsibility of the student, so they should make frequent use of the Rice advising network and adequately prepare prior to meeting with an advisor.

Academic Planning Documents and Resources

Academic Plan Template- Fillable PDF (must be downloaded to fill out electronically)

Academic Plan Template- Word (must be downloaded to fill out electronically)

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