Divisional Advisors

Divisional Advisors are faculty associates of a residential college who are selected and engaged by College Magisters and the OAA to provide academic advising to you prior to your declaring a major. Each Divisional Advisor…

  • Serves their residential college by representing one of the four major undergraduate academic divisions*:
    • humanities
    • social sciences
    • natural sciences
    • engineering
  • Is trained by and works closely with the Office of Academic Advising (OAA) to keep up to date on academic rules and regulations, graduation requirements, educational opportunities, academic resources, and other important or time-sensitive information.
  • Can advise you on a wide range of topics including personal interests, course choices, short and long term plans, and co-curricular opportunities, to name a few.
  • Has tremendous knowledge, insights, and experiences to share, but does not have expertise in all majors, so they will often also refer students to Major Advisors in academic departments or advisors in collaborative offices across campus.

*Due to their smaller size, the Schools of Architecture and Music have specific advisors within their respective schools and Business advisors serve multiple colleges.

Divisional Advisors 2023-2024

Baker College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Su Chen Engineering Data to Knowledge Program su.chen 2051 Duncan Hall
Kalil Erazo Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering 3798 kalil.erazo 216 Ryon Lab
Maria Stasevicius Humanities Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication 5844 mls17 224 Rayzor
Scott Solomon Natural Sciences Biochemistry & Cell Biology 2661 scott.solomon 103D Anderson Biological Laboratories
Bobby Beaird Natural Sciences Physics & Astronomy 2971 robert.p.beaird 239 Brockman Hall
James DeNicco Social Sciences Economics 3899 james.denicco 437 Kraft Hall
Tom Stallings Social Sciences Sport Management 5764 tstallings S205I Tudor Fieldhouse
Jonathan Miles Business Business 2059 jem10 252 McNair Hall

Brown College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Sabia Abidi Engineering Bioengineering 8362 sabia.z.abidi B24 Ryon
Laura Correa Ochoa Humanities History laura.correa.ochoa 309 Humanities
Christopher Johns-Krull Natural Sciences Physics & Astronomy 3531 cmj 352 Herman Brown Hall
Elizabeth McGuffey Engineering Statistics 3859 elizabeth.mcguffey 111 Maxfield Hall
Caroline McNeil Natural Sciences Chemistry 4478 cvmcneil 241 Dell Butcher Hall
Bart Moore Social Sciences Cognitive Sciences bart4 480 Sewall Hall
Leslie Schwindt-Bayer Social Sciences Political Science 2669 schwindt 107 Herzstein
Kelly Drakey Business Business 2038 kdrakey 320 McNair Hall

Duncan College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Arko Barman Engineering Data to Knowledge Program arko.barman 1036 Duncan Hall
Mack Joyner Engineering Computer Science 4397 mjoyner 2063 Duncan Hall
Ian Schimmel Humanities English 4325 ianschimmel 236 Herring Hall
Kory Evans Natural Sciences BioSciences kory.evans 267 Anderson Biological Laboratories
Stephen (Steve) Wang Natural Sciences Mathematics 3467 sswang 410 Herman Brown Hall
Suzanne Kemmer Social Sciences Linguistics 6225 kemmer 209 Herring Hall
Anna Rhodes Social Sciences Sociology 4456 anna.rhodes 257 Kraft Hall
Jeff Russell Business Business 2549 jeff.russell 223 McNair Hall

Hanszen College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
John Greiner Engineering Computer Science 3838 greiner 3093 Duncan Hall
Matthew Wettergreen Engineering Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen 2043 mwettergreen B03 Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen
Natasha Bowdoin Humanities Visual and Dramatic Arts 3451 natasha.bowdoin 413 Sewell
Edison P. Liang Natural Sciences Physics & Astronomy 3524 liang 342 Herman Brown Hall
Lam Yu Natural Sciences Physics & Astronomy 2894 lhyu 240 Brockman Hall
Bryan Denny Social Sciences Psychological Sciences 8257 bryan.denny 761 Bioscience Research Collaborative
Hua Gong Social Sciences Sport Management 3341 hua.gong 247 Kraft Hall
Karthik Balakrishnan Business Business 2817 karthik.balakrishnan 320 McNair Hall

Jones College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Ricardo Zednik Engineering Materials Science & NanoEngineering 4681 rzednik@rice.edu 215 Mechanical Engineering Building
Bilal Ghosn Engineering Bioengineering 2648 bghosn 231 Bioscience Research Collaborative
Fay Yarbrough Humanities History 2780 fayann 319 Humanities
Barry Dunning Natural Sciences Physics & Astronomy 3544 fbd 320 Brockman Hall
Dereth Phillips Natural Sciences BioSciences 2343 derethp 101C Anderson Biological Laboratories
Michael Byrne Social Sciences Psychological Sciences 3770 byrne 211B Sewall Hall
Richard Stoll Social Sciences Political Science 3362 stoll 120 Herzstein Hall
Natalia Piqueira Business Business Natalia .Piqueira 264 McNair Hall

Lovett College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Lisa Biswal Engineering Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 6055 biswal E207 George R. Brown Hall
Vicky Yao Engineering Computer Science vy 2070 Duncan Hall
Anne Chao Humanities History 3163 annechao 503 Fondren Library
Mike Gustin Natural Sciences BioSciences 5158 gustin W200G George R. Brown Hall
George Phillips Natural Sciences BioSciences 6951 georgep 717 BioScience Research Collaborative
Nina Bobkova Social Sciences Economics nina.bobkova 416 Kraft Hall
Molly Morgan Social Sciences Anthropology 2584 mm92 586 Sewall
George Andrews Business Business 5260 george.andrews 202C McNair Hall

Martel College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Michael Diehl Engineering Bioengineering 4568 diehl 515 BioScience Research Collaborative
Hanyu Zhu Engineering Materials Science & Nanoengineering 2582 hanyu.zhu E200J George R. Brown Hall
Leo Costello Humanities Art History 3472 lcostell 107 Herring Hall
Anthony Chan Natural Sciences Physics & Astronomy 2531 aachan 308 Herman Brown Hall
Andrea Isella Natural Sciences Physics & Astronomy 5491 isella 354 Herman Brown Hall
Gokce Gunel Social Sciences Anthropology gg15 584 Sewall Hall
Hulya Eraslan Social Sciences Economics 3453 eraslan 415 Kraft Hall
Natalia Piqueira Business Business Natalia.Piqueira 264 McNair Hall

McMurtry College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Geoff Wehmeyer Engineering Mechanical Engineering 2130 geoff.wehmeyer 213 Mechanical Engineering
Gary Woods Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering 3598 gary.woods 2097 Duncan Hall
Tim Schroeder Humanities Philosophy 5620 timothy.a.schroeder 206 Humanities
Laura Kabiri Natural Sciences Kinesiology 2012 laura.kabiri S203K Tudor Fieldhouse
Krista Kobylianskii Natural Sciences Chemistry 4083 kristakobyl 242 Dell Butcher Hall
Sergio Chavez Social Sciences Sociology 5783 sc31 254 Kraft Hall
Louretha Adams Social Sciences Psychological Sciences la53
Ginger Vaughn Business Business 6572 ginger.vaughan 221 McNair Hall

Sid Richardson College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Maria Oden Engineering Bioengineering 4156 moden 107 Oshman
Rafael Verduzco Engineering Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering 6492 rafaelv 212 Keck Hall
David Messmer Humanities Program in Writing and Communication 5394 dmessmer 419 Fondren
Lesa Tran Lu Natural Sciences Chemistry/Institute of Biosciences and Bioengineering 4079 lesa 173 BioScience Research Collaborative
Augusto Rodriguez Natural Sciences Kinesiology 8817 augusto.x.rodriguez S203F Tudor Fieldhouse
Joseph Cozza Social Sciences Political Science 2109 joseph.cozza 115 Herzstein
Ben Lansford Business Business 2347 lansford 226 McNair Hall

Wiess College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Renata Ramos Engineering Bioengineering 2203 renata.ramos 1011 Duncan Hall
Rebecca Schreib Engineering Computer Science rjs 2064 Duncan Hall
Helade Scutti Santos Humanities Center for Language and Intercultural Communication 3471 helade.santos 234 Rayzor Hall
Betul Orcan-Ekmekci Natural Sciences Mathematics orcan 440 Herman Brown Hall
Daniel Wagner Natural Sciences BioSciences 5933 dswagner 351 Anderson Biological Laboratories
Mallesh Pai Social Sciences Economics 2289 mallesh.pai 414 Kraft Hall
Carissa Zimmerman Social Sciences Psychological Sciences 3413 caz3 472 Sewall Hall
Jeff Russell Business Business 2549 jeff.russell 223 McNair Hall

Will Rice College
Name Division Department Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Daniel Cohan Engineering Civil & Environmental Engineering 5129 cohan 116B Keck Hall
Joseph Young Engineering Electrical & Computer Engineering joseph.young 2098 Duncan Hall
Lora Wildenthal Humanities History 3526 wildenth 318 Humanities
Cassidy Johnson Natural Sciences BioSciences 4913 cbj5145 104B Anderson Biological Laboratories
Melodie French Natural Sciences Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences 5088 mefrench 203 Geology
Michele Biavati Social Sciences Economics 2354 michele.biavati 420 Kraft Hall
Sandra Parsons Social Sciences Psychological Sciences 4808 sandra.v.parsons 452 Sewall Hall
Jonathan Miles Business Business 2059 jem10 252 McNair Hall

Architecture (All Colleges)
Name School Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Reto Geiser Architecture 3377 reto.geiser 226 Anderson Hall

Music (All Colleges)
Name School Phone Email (@rice.edu) Office
Geoffrey Scott Music 3032 geoffrey.scott 2235 Alice Pratt Brown Hall


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