UNIV 330:
Medical Exploration and Observership

UNIV 330: Medical Exploration and Observership Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to participate in UNIV 330?

All students interested in taking UNIV 330: Medical Exploration and Observership in Fall 2021 must first register for UNIV 003: Pre Registration for UNIV 330 by the end of the course request period and complete the required course application by Friday, April 23, 2021 at 10:00AM CT. We strongly urge students to complete both required steps as soon as possible in order to better increase their chances of being selected for the course.

Where can I find the required UNIV 330 course application?

The required UNIV 330 course application will open on Friday, April 2, 2021 at 10:00AM CT and can be found here: https://bit.ly/3ubV1ic . If you do not complete the UNIV 330 course application by the deadline, you will be ineligible to participate.

COVID-19 and UNIV 330 Updates

We appreciate your patience as we continue to work with our partners at Houston Methodist Hospital to determine if we can safely offer the observership portion to students during the fall semester.

What is UNIV 330? Is this a course I should take?

UNIV 330: Medical Exploration and Observership is designed to familiarize currently enrolled undergraduate students with the medical profession and provide them with unique experiences they may not have access to otherwise. In place of in-person shadowing this past year due to the pandemic, we offered an amazing lineup of panels and workshops which allowed for fruitful discussions and exercises. Some examples of previous class sessions include:

• Health Disparities Lecture with the Vice President of Community Benefits at Houston Methodist Hospital
• Personal Statement Workshop with a representative from CAPC
• Physician Panel with 3 Texas Medical Center physicians
• Applying to Medical School workshop hosted by instructor/Associate Director of Academic Advising Christine Martinez
• Medical School Interview Workshops (2 sessions)
• Patient Simulation Interview with UTMB Health Education Center
• Current Medical Student Panel with Rice alumni at a wide range of top tier medical schools
• Virtual Shadowing Sessions with a Texas Medical Center physician

Students interested in careers in the medical profession should consider registering for this course.

How many credit hours is UNIV 330?

Students will earn two credit hours with a letter grade.

When is UNIV 330?

Given President Leebron's message to the Rice community on Tuesday, March 30th, we expect to offer UNIV 330 in-person on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 9:25AM – 10:40AM.

If I took NSCI 399: Medical Professionalism and Observership in the past, can I enroll for UNIV 330?

If a student took a NSCI 399 in a previous semester, they will not be allowed to take UNIV 330.

For all additional questions, you may contact the instructors of UNIV 330 at hpa@rice.edu.

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