UNIV 330:
Medical Exploration and Observership

UNIV 330: Medical Exploration and Observership Frequently Asked Questions

What is UNIV 330? Is this a course I should take?

UNIV 330: Medical Exploration and Observership is designed for currently enrolled undergraduate students to gain exposure to the medical setting and develop professional skills, while earning course credit. The purpose is to allow you to explore careers in the health professions through exposure to medical shadowing and the healthcare industry.

What do I need to do to participate in UNIV 330?

All students interested in taking UNIV 330: Medical Exploration and Observership in Fall 2022 must complete two steps by 5:00pm CT on Friday, April 8th in order to be considered for the UNIV 330 roster:

1. Register for UNIV 003: Pre Registration for UNIV 330 in ESTHER
2. Complete the
required course application

Students who do not complete both steps by the deadline will be ineligible to participate in the course and will be removed from consideration. Given the high demand for the course and the very limited space available, students who add the course during the Add/Drop period will not be considered for the roster.

Completing both of these steps does not guarantee a spot in UNIV 330. Course intructors will conduct a holistic review of the course applications and decide the course roster. You will be given an update on the status of your course application at the end of the week of April 11th.

Where can I find the required UNIV 330 course application?

The required UNIV 330 course application will open on Friday, March 25th at 10:00AM CT and can be found here: http://bit.ly/330f22. If you do not complete the UNIV 330 course application by the deadline, you will be ineligible to participate in the course.

When is UNIV 330?

UNIV 330 is comprised of two components: lectures and shadowing. Students who wish to register for the course are required to attend both. The lectures will be offered in-person on Mondays/Wednesdays from 2:30PM - 3:45PM. Shadowing will take place for a 3.5 hour timeblock once a week, in both mornings and afternoons Mondays-Thursdays. If a student is unable to be available for any of these shadowing timeblocks, they will not be able to take the course. Shadowing will not take place outside of these designated timeslots. Timeslots will be assigned based on physician and student availability, which is only gathered after a student has been selected for the roster. Shadowing does not start until several weeks into the semester.

Can I participate in UNIV 330 if I have already applied to medical school?

If you already applied to medical school this past summer for Fall 2023 admission, you are ineligible for the course.

I have a class conflict with UNIV 330, can I special register for the course?

We will not approve any special registrations due to time conflict.

How many credit hours is UNIV 330?

Students will earn two credit hours with a letter grade.

For all additional questions, you may contact the instructors of UNIV 330 at hpa@rice.edu.


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