UNIV 330:
Medical Exploration and Observership

UNIV 330: Medical Exploration and Observership Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 and UNIV 330 Updates

We appreciate your patience as we have worked with our partners at Houston Methodist Hospital to determine if we can safely offer the observership portion to students this upcoming semester. Unfortunately, it has been decided that we will remove the observership component from our course indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We still plan to offer UNIV 330 in Fall 2020 on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 9:40am-11:00am virtually. In lieu of the observership portion, the course will be administered in an alternate format including guest lectures from Houston Methodist Hospital, case studies, informational interviews, and simulation exercises. Given that we are moving forward with the course, any students who elect to drop UNIV 003/330 for the fall semester will not be given priority registration for Spring 2021.

For those who will participate in the Fall 2020 course, you do not need to complete Houston Methodist’s MERLIN application or provide the corresponding documentation. We are working to create the UNIV 330 course in our registration system and will provide you with next steps for registration soon.

What is UNIV 330? Is this a course I should take?
UNIV 330: Medical Exploration and Observership is designed for currently enrolled undergraduate students to gain exposure to the medical setting and develop professional skills, while earning course credit. The purpose is to allow you to explore careers in the health professions through exposure to medical shadowing and the healthcare industry. Students interested in careers in the medical profession should consider registering for this course.

How many credit hours is UNIV 330?
Students will earn two credit hours with a letter grade.

When is UNIV 330?
UNIV 330 is Tuesdays/Thursdays from 9:40am – 11:00am and will be offered virtually.

If I took NSCI 399: Medical Professionalism and Observership in the past, can I enroll for UNIV 330?
If a student took a NSCI 399 in a previous semester, they will not be allowed to take UNIV 330.

For all additional questions, you may contact the instructors of UNIV 330 at hpa@rice.edu.

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