Transfer Credit Advisors

(last updated 11/01/2023)

Be sure to review the Office of the Registrar's information on transfer credit here.

Transfer credit advisors are faculty members who have a specific role in determining Rice-equivalent credit for courses taken at other universities, and they often ask for course descriptions, syllabi, and other materials to make such determinations.

You will need to contact the transfer credit advisor for the department that houses the class you would like equivalent credit for. For instance, if you are a chemistry major trying to get equivalent credit for MATH 102, you would reach out to the mathematics transfer credit advisor, NOT the chemistry transfer credit advisor.

Transfer Credit Advisors 2023-2024

Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations
Sophie Crawford-Brown 122 Herring Hall
Eugenia Georges 568A Sewall Hall
Reto Geiser 226 Anderson Hall
Josh Bernstein 419 Sewall Hall
Art History
Lida Oukaderova 251B Herring Hall
Asian Studies
Sonia Ryang 309 Lovett Hall
Astronomy & Astrophysics
Patrick Hartigan 350 Herman Brown Hall
Bilal Ghosn 231 BioScience Research Collaborative
BioSciences - Biochemistry, Cell Biology & Genetics, Integrative Biology
Jamie Catanese 103A Anderson Biological Laboratories
James Chappell (Study Abroad) 332 Keck Hall
BioSciences - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Scott Solomon 103D Anderson Biological Laboratories
Natalia Piqueira 264 McNair Hall
Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication
Hossam Elsherbiny 221 Rayzor Hall
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Ken Cox 311B O'Connor Building for Engineering and Science
John Hutchinson 315 Dell Butcher Hall
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dan Cohan 209 Ryon Engineering Lab
Classical Studies
Hilary Mackie 233 Rayzor Hall
Cognitive Science
Bart Moore 480 Sewall Hall
Computational Applied Mathematics and Operations Research
Jesse Chan 2007 Duncan Hall
Andrew Schaefer 2036 Duncan Hall
Shiqian Ma 3090 Duncan Hall
Computer Science
Rebecca Schreib 2064 Duncan Hall
Earth, Environmental, & Planetary Science
Melodie French 203 Keith-Wiess Geological Lab
Michele Biavati 420 Kraft Hall
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Joseph Cavallaro 3042 Duncan Hall
Lacy Johnson 241 Herring Hall
Environmental Studies
Evan Siemann E200D George R. Brown Hall
European Studies
Jacqueline Couti 315 Rayzor Hall
French Studies
Julie Fette 211 Rayzor Hall
German Studies
Martin Blumenthal-Barby 330 Rayzor Hall
Global Health Technologies
Meaghan Bond 517 BioScience Research Collaborative
Yvette Mirabal 920 BioScience Research Collaborative
Aysha Pollnitz 310 Humanities
Andrew Stefl 116 Humanities
Jewish Studies
Matthias Henze 205 Humanities
Heidi Perkins 203 Tudor Fieldhouse
Latin American Studies
Sophie Esch 333 Rayzor Hall
Robert Englebretson 206 Herring Hall
Elizabeth Slator 253 Gibbs Recreation/Wellness Center
Materials Science and Nanoengineering
Hanyu Zhu E200J George R. Brown Hall
Frank Jones 448 Herman Brown Hall
Mechanical Engineering
David Trevas 230 Mechanical Engineering Building
Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Claire Fanger 307 Humanities Building
Geoffrey Scott 2235 Alice Pratt Brown Hall
Peter Lwigale 371 Anderson Biological Laboratories
Julia Saltz 257 Anderson Biological Laboratories
Charles Siewert 223 Humanities
Stanley Dodds 215 Herzstein Hall
Political Science
Joseph Cozza 115 Herzstein Hall
Politics, Law, and Social Thought
Peter Caldwell 336 Humanities
Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities
Kerry Ward 334 Humanities Building
Moramay Lopez Alonso 303 Humanities Building
Psychological Sciences
Phil Kortum 488 Sewall Hall
David Cook 211 Humanities
Social Policy Analysis
Melissa Marschall 102 Herzstein Hall
Anna Rhodes 257 Kraft Hall
Spanish and Portuguese
Rafael Salaberry 334 Rayzor Hall
Sport Analytics
Clark Haptonstall 245 Kraft Hall
Sport Management
Clark Haptonstall 245 Kraft Hall
Elizabeth McGuffey 111 Maxfield Hall
Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Lora Wildenthal 320 Rayzor Hall
Teaching Certification Program
Judy Radigan 335 Anderson-Clarke Center


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