Minor and Certificate Advisors

Minor and certificate advisors represent their respective academic departments or disciplines and are intimately familiar with specific minor requirements. They have the most current knowledge of discipline-specific things like...

  • course offerings
  • curricular sequence
  • independent study projects
  • research and internships
  • professional organizations
  • current trends
  • graduate schools
  • careers related to the field

We strongly recommend that students communicate frequently with minor advisors, even prior to declaring a minor, so they can make informed decisions. Feel free to reach out to any minor advisor at any time. You may declare a minor only after declaring a major, and then we encourage you to meet with your major and minor advisors each semester.

Minor and Certificate Advisors 2021-2022

African and African American Studies
Daniel Domingues domingues@rice.edu 304 Humanities Building
Gökçe Günel gg15@rice.edu 584 Sewall Hall
Art History
Lida Oukaderova lida.oukaderova@rice.edu 251B Herring Hall
Asian Studies
Steven Lewis swlewis@rice.edu 224 Baker Hall
Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Kate Beckingham
kate@rice.edu W130 George R. Brown Hall
Dave Caprette
caprette@rice.edu 102B Anderson Biological Lab
Charles Stewart
crs@rice.edu W104 George R. Brown Hall
Natalia Piqueira natalia.piqueira@rice.edu 234 McNair Hall
Cinema and Media Studies
Martin Blumenthal-Barby martin.blumenthal-barby@rice.edu 251B Herring Hall
Lida Oukaderova lida.oukaderova@rice.edu 251B Herring Hall
Civic Leadership - Certificate Program
Morgan Kinney mbk3@rice.edu 220 Rice Memorial Center
Classical Civilizations
Hilary Mackie mackie@rice.edu 233 Rayzor Hall
Computational and Applied Mathematics
Jesse Chan jesse.chan@rice.edu 2007 Duncan Hall
Andrew Schaefer andrew.schaefer@rice.edu 2036 Duncan Hall
Data Science
Rudy Guerra
(for STAT, and Natural Science majors)
rguerra@rice.edu 2097 Duncan Hall
Chris Jermaine
(for COMP or ELEC majors)
cmj4@rice.edu 3010 Duncan Hall
Elizabeth Petrick
(for Humanities majors)
elizabeth.petrick@rice.edu 324 Humanities Building
Fred Oswald
(for Social Science majors)
fred.oswald@rice.edu 429F Sewall Hall
Su Chen
(for CAAM, BIOE, CHBE majors)
sc131@rice.edu Data2Knowledge Lab
Arko Barman
(for MECH, MSNE, CEVE majors)
arko.barman@rice.edu Data2Knowledge Lab
Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
Melodie French
(Geoscience, Environmental)
mefrench@rice.edu 203 Keith-Wiess Geological Lab
Helge Gonnermann
(Geoscience, Planetary)
helge@rice.edu 219 Keith-Wiess Geological Lab
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Dave Caprette caprette@rice.edu 102B Anderson Biological Laboratories
Scott Solomon scott.solomon@rice.edu 07 Herman Brown Hall
Energy and Water Sustainability
Jorge Loyo jorge.loyo@rice.edu
Engineering Design
Joseph Cavallaro cavallar@rice.edu 3042 DCH
Deirdre Hunter hunterd@rice.edu B14 OEDK
Maria Oden moden@rice.edu 107 OEDK
Matthew Wettergreen mwettergreen@rice.edu B03 OEDK
Gary Woods gary.woods@rice.edu 2097 DCH
Hesam Panahi hpanahi@rice.edu 244 McNair Hall
Environmental Studies
Joseph Campana campana@rice.edu 315 Herring Hall
Richard Johnson rrj@rice.edu 122.02 Facilities Engr. and Planning
Financial Computation and Modeling
Kathy Ensor ensor@rice.edu 2080 Duncan Hall
John Dobelman dobleman@rice.edu 2100 Duncan Hall
Mahmoud El-Gamal elgamal@rice.edu 429 Kraft Hall
French Studies
Deborah Nelson-Campbell dnelson@rice.edu 224 Rayzor Hall
German Studies
Astrid Oesmann astrid.oesmann@rice.edu 327 Rayzor Hall
Global Health Technologies
Meaghan Bond meaghan.mc.bond@rice.edu 517 BioScience Research Collaborative
Andi Gobin andi.gobin@rice.edu 917 BioScience Research Collaborative
Yvette Mirabal ymirabal@rice.edu 920 BioScience Research Collaborative
Ashley Taylor ashley.r.taylor@rice.edu 917 BioScience Research Collaborative
Greek Language and Literature
Hilary Mackie mackie@rice.edu 233 Rayzor Hall
Jewish Studies
Joshua Furman joshua.furman@rice.edu 418 Fondren Library
Matthias Henze mhenze@rice.edu 205 Humanities
Languages & Intercultural Communication
Luziris Pineda Turi lpturi@rice.edu 221 Rayzor Hall
Latin Language and Literature
Hilary Mackie mackie@rice.edu 233 Rayzor Hall
Zhiyong Gao zgao@rice.edu 416 Herman Brown Hall
Frank Jones fjones@rice.edu 448 Herman Brown Hall
Betul Orcan orcan@rice.edu 440 Herman Brown Hall
Stephen Semmes semmes@rice.edu 414 Herman Brown Hall
Stephen Wang sswang@rice.edu 410 Herman Brown Hall
Medical Humanities
Kirsten Ostherr
kostherr@rice.edu 313 Herring Hall
Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Maya Soifer Irish maya.s.irish@rice.edu 311 Humanities Building
Museums and Cultural Heritage
Farès el-Dahdah fdahdah@rice.edu 117 Herring Hall
Fabiola Lopez-Duran fld@rice.edu 120 Herring Hall
Naval Sciences
Major Eric Kroeger erkroeger@rice.edu 216B Annex
Lieutenant Kyle Leonard kyle.m.leonard@rice.edu 216B Annex
David Caprette caprette@rice.edu 102B Anderson Biological Lab
Jon Flynn flynn@rice.edu 103B Anderson Biological Lab
Nele Lefeldt nele.lefeldt@rice.edu 104C Anderson Biological Lab
Peter Lwigale lwigale@rice.edu 371 Anderson Biological Lab
Physics & Astronomy
Stan Dodds dodds@rice.edu 215 Herzstein Hall
Politics, Law, and Social Thought
Peter Caldwell caldwell@rice.edu 336 Humanities
Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities
Moramay Lopez Alonso moramay@rice.edu 313 Humanities
Diana Strassmann dls@rice.edu 111 Humanities
Kerry Ward kward@rice.edu 312 Humanities
Niki Clements niki.clements@rice.edu 232 Humanities
Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL) - Certificate Program
Kaz Karwowski kazimir.i.karwowski@rice.edu Abercrombie Lab
Sergio Chavez sergio.chavez@rice.edu 254 Kraft Hall
Spanish and Portuguese
Esther Fernandez esther.fernandez@rice.edu 312 Rayzor Hall
Elizabeth McGuffey elizabeth.mcguffey@rice.edu 111 Maxfield Hall
Teaching Certification Program (Secondary Education)
Judy Radigan jradigan@rice.edu 335 Anderson-Clarke Bldg


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