PAA Goals

A.D.V.I.S.E. - Peer Academic Advisor Goals

Assessment – of your residential college academic advising needs; need to know what students would like to know more about; need to assess which academic resources students know about and whether or not they take advantage of them; also need to know what assistance magisters and divisional advisors need to facilitate advising; PAAs can gather information necessary to help the entire college community

Distribution – of information about academic advising, academic opportunities, and academic deadlines across campus; information can be distributed using poster boards, email listserv, announcements at lunch or dinner and student government meetings; students often miss opportunities because offices on campus don’t know how to get the word out to the colleges

Visibility – within the residential colleges is an absolute necessity; advertise services to all constituents: magisters, resident associates, college coordinators, faculty advisors, students; be sure the PAA presence is consistent and advertise availability; need to make opportunities for advising as frequent, easy, and efficient as possible; programming events in the college during lunch and dinner is a particularly effective way of increasing visibility; larger events can be hosted by two or three colleges in one location

Integration – of information necessary to conduct effective advising; our office will invite collaborative offices to share information which allows integration for academic planning; planning ahead for academic opportunities is key; offices such as Study Abroad, Undergraduate Research & Inquiry, Center for Civic Leadership, the Center for Career Development offer great opportunities

Support – of our entire community but particularly the faculty advisors; we pride ourselves on being a small, private university with a great student/faculty ratio; we should support the faculty advisors to make advising effective, organized, efficient and rewarding; by removing advising inefficiencies and frustrations, more faculty members will enjoy the experience and be willing to engage in academic advising; supporting the faculty advisors is part of the divisional advisor recruiting effort

Education – of our entire community as to the purpose of advising; national surveys show that few alumni have received excellent advising; even fewer had an established relationship with an advisor during their undergraduate experience; we need to change the perception of what advising is


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