Welcome Rice Class of 2025!

The Office of Academic Advising is so excited to welcome you to campus! When you arrive for Orientation Week (O-Week), your College Magister and O-Week PAA teams will present you with an Introduction to Academics at Rice, a preview of which can be found below. Throughout the week, you will have numerous chances to interact with members of our advising community, including current students from your college and from other colleges, members of Rice’s distinguished faculty, and professional staff advisors, all of whom are available to support you throughout your entire time at Rice. O-Week is also the time for students to start exploring the array of academic opportunities at Rice and register for courses for their first semester. Check this website throughout the summer for updated information!

Before arriving for O-Week, be sure to watch our 3-part series below, Introduction to Academics. These 2 videos will introduce to you:

  • Part I – Community of Advising
  • Part II – Graduation Requirements
  • Part III – O-Week Schedule

At Rice, our hope is that you will create a rewarding, individualized undergraduate experience. Your first year should be a time of exploration and discovery rather than a time to rush through as many requirements as possible. There are many excellent academic opportunities for you to consider, so we challenge you to choose and deeply pursue those that will help you reach your personal, academic, and professional goals. A few suggestions for your first year:

  • Reference your General Announcements for information on academics rules and regulations (including specific major requirements), and bookmark the Academic Calendar for important academic deadlines.
  • Schedule an appointment within the first few weeks of the fall semester to meet your Divisional Advisor. It will be good to establish a relationship in case you have questions at any point.
  • Enjoy the events sponsored by your Peer Academic Advisors and get to know these fellow students who have a special interest in helping you navigate your way through Rice.
  • Begin to develop intellectual and personal relationships with the Faculty Associates at your college as well as faculty members across campus. We know from experience that those relationships help shape the choices students make throughout their time at Rice and beyond.
  • Don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with an advisor in the OAA either!

We know you will be busy with your coursework, but there is a lot of learning that goes on outside of the classroom, too. Throughout the year, academic departments and offices within the Division of the Dean of Undergraduates will host events designed to help you explore opportunities and plan a path that satisfies your interests on and off campus.



Academic Planning
Divisional Advisors
Peer Academic Advisors
UNIV 110: First Year Foundations Course
First Year Course Opportunities
Academic Advising Intervention Points


AP Credit List
IB Credit List
A-Level Policies
First Year Writing Intensive Seminar (FWIS) and Course Description


Chemistry Placement Information for New Students
Math Placement Information for New Students
Language Placement Information for New Students
Physics Placement Information for New Students
Composition Exam Instructions for 2021 (How to Access Exam Results)


Engineering Undergraduate Advising Booklet 2021-2022
Natural Sciences Undergraduate Advising Booklet 2021-2022
Humanities Undergraduate Advising Booklet 2021-2022
Social Sciences Undergraduate Advising Booklet 2021-2022

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