Double Major and Dual Degree

Double Major

After declaring one major, Rice students may choose to fulfill the requirements for an additional major (whether that major is related or unrelated to their first). The OAA strongly encourages students to carefully consider how a double major will impact their workload and academic plan. The process for acquiring a second major is the same as that of declaring a first major. Students must submit an Undergraduate Declaration of Major form to the Office of the Registrar with the approval and signature of their major advisor. More information on the major declaration process may be found on the Office of the Registrar website.

Dual Degree

Rice students also have the option of earning a second bachelor’s degree in a different discipline. In addition to being in a different discipline, the second degree must also be a different bachelor’s degree from the one already being pursued. Students who successfully complete the dual degree requirements receive two diplomas at the time of graduation.

To earn a second four-year bachelor’s degree (dual degree), currently enrolled undergraduates who have not yet completed their first bachelor’s degree must:

  • Be accepted for the second major by the major department,
  • Fulfill all major requirements for the second degree, and
  • Complete at least 30 additional semester hours at Rice beyond the hours required for their first degree (or the one requiring fewer hours, often 120 semester hours). These hours are applied to the second degree (for a total of 150 semester hours, or more).
  • Students seeking a second degree should submit an additional Undergraduate Declaration of Major form to the Office of the Registrar. This paperwork should include the addition of the proposed degree and major programs along with the approval of the chair or major advisor of each department involved, indicating that the proposed course program satisfies all major and degree requirements. More information may be found in the General Announcements page on Graduation Requirements.


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