Major Advisors

Major advisors are all faculty advisors who represent their respective academic departments or disciplines and are intimately familiar with specific major or minor requirements. They have the most current knowledge of discipline-specific things like...

  • course offerings
  • curricular sequence
  • independent study projects
  • research and internships
  • professional organizations
  • current trends
  • graduate schools
  • careers related to the field

We strongly recommend that students communicate frequently with major and minor advisors, even prior to declaring a major or minor, so they can make informed decisions. Feel free to reach out to any major or minor advisor at any time. After declaring a major or minor, we encourage you to meet with your major and minor advisors each semester.

Major Advisors 2021-2022

Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations
Sophie Crawford-Brown 122 Herring Hall
Gökçe Günel 584 Sewall Hall
Reto Geiser 223 Anderson Hall
Art History
Lida Oukaderova 251B Herring Hall
Asian Studies
Steven Lewis 224 Baker Hall
Astrophysics & Astronomy
Patrick Hartigan 350 Herman Brown Hall
Christopher Johns-Krull 352 Herman Brown Hall
Sabia Abidi B24 Ryon Engineering Lab
Bilal Ghosn 231 BioScience Research Collaborative
David Li 765 BioScience Research Collaborative
Renata Ramos 1016 Duncan Hall
Robert Raphael 719 BioScience Research Collaborative
Laura Segatori 313 BioScience Research Collaborative
Biosciences - Concentrations: Biochemistry; Cell Biology & Genetics; Integrative Biology
Prospectives, Freshmen, and Undeclared Sophomores
Caroline Ajo-Franklin 319 Keck Hall
Beth Beason-Abmayr Anderson Biological Laboratories 102C
Matthew Bennett 306 Keck Hall
Dan Carson 1023 BioSciences Research Collab.
Jamie Catanese Anderson Biological Laboratories 103A
Alma Novotny Anderson Biological Laboratories 101A
Dereth Phillips Anderson Biological Laboratories 101C
Declared Majors (Based on Last Name)
Kate Beckingham (A-H) W130 George R. Brown Hall
Dave Caprette (I-P) Anderson Biological Laboratories 102B
Charles Stewart (Q-Z) W104 George R. Brown Hall
Biosciences - Concentrations: Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; Integrative Biology
Prospectives, Freshmen, and Undeclared Sophomores
Evan Siemann E200D George R. Brown Hall
Scott Solomon Anderson Biological Laboratories 103D
Declared Majors
Dave Caprette 102B Anderson Biological Laboratories
Scott Solomon Anderson Biological Laboratories 103D
Alex Butler 357 McNair Hall
Natalia Piqueira 234 McNair Hall
Danielle Riley 265 McNair Hall
Duane Windsor (Management Concentration Advisor) 227 McNair Hall
Yuhang Xing (Finance Concentration Advisor) 342 McNair Hall
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Ken Cox 2082 Duncan Hall
Walter Chapman B07 Herman Brown Hall
Marya Cokar 108B Keck Hall
Gerry McGlamery 2087 Duncan Hall
Tom Senftle 219 Space Science & Technology Building
Ross Thyer 617 Biosciences Research Collaborative.
Kyriacos Zygourakis W200J George R. Brown Hall
Chemical Physics
Jason Hafner 262 Brockman Hall
Bruce Weisman W103 George R. Brown Hall
Kristi Kincaid
(Baker College) 242 Dell Butcher Hall
Zach Ball
(Brown College) 327 BioScience Research Collab.
Matt Jones
(Duncan College) E206 George R. Brown Hall
Jeff Hartgerink
(Hanszen College) 319 Bioscience Research Collab.
Bruce Weisman
(Jones College) W103 George R. Brown Hall
Angel Marti-Arbona
(Lovett College) 320B Dell Butcher Hall
Laszlo Kurti
(Martel College) 377 Bioscience Research Collab.
Julian West
(McMurtry College) 325 BioScience Research Collab.
Lesa Tran
(Sid Richardson College) 173 BioScience Research Collab.
Anna-Karin Gustavsson
(Wiess College) 311 Space Science & Tech. Bldg.
Han Xiao
(Will Rice College) 317 Bioscience Research Collab.
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mason Tomson
(BSCE Area 1) 120 Keck Hall
Phillip Bedient
(BSCE - ENVI Certifying Advisor, BSCE Area 2) 116 Keck Hall
Satish Nagarajaiah
(BSCE - CIVI Certifiying Advisor, BSCE Area 3) 213 Ryon Lab
Leonardo Duenas-Osorio
(BSCE Area 4) 212 Ryon Lab
Mason Tomson
(BA - Certifying Advisor, ENVI Track) 120 Keck Hall
Satish Nagarajaiah
(BA - Certifying Advisor, CIVI Track) 213 Ryon Lab
Classical Studies
Hilary Mackie 233 Rayzor Hall
Cognitive Sciences
Mike Byrne (on sabbatical SP2022) 450A Sewall Hall
Simon Fischer-Baum 771 BioScience Research Collaborative
Ozge Gurcanli 482 Sewall Hall
Suzanne Kemmer 482 Sewall Hall
Bart Moore 480 Sewall Hall
Carissa Zimmerman 472 Sewall Hall
Computational and Applied Mathematics
Jesse Chan 2007 Duncan Hall
Andrew Schaefer 2036 Duncan Hall
Computer Science
Major Advising Based on Last Name
Risa Myers
(Aa - Bz) 2062 Duncan Hall
Rodrigo Ferreira
(Ca - Da) 3052 Duncan Hall
Scott Cutler
(Db - Gz) 2063 Duncan Hall
David B. Johnson
(Ha - Ki) 3007 Duncan Hall
Rebecca Smith
(Kj - Mz) 2064 Duncan Hall
Stephen Wong
(Na - Sh) 3102 Duncan Hall
Alan Cox
(Si - Wh) 3009 Duncan Hall
Devika Subramanian
(Wi - Zz) 3094 Duncan Hall
Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Science
Melodie French
(Geoscience, Environmental) 203 Keith-Wiess Geological Lab
Helge Gonnermann
(Geoscience, Planetary) 219 Keith-Wiess Geological Lab
Economics & Mathematical Economic Analysis
Maria Bejan 426 Kraft Hall
Nina Bobkova 416 Kraft Hall
James Brown 433 Kraft Hall
James DeNicco 437 Kraft Hall
Mahmoud El-Gamal 429 Kraft Hall
Mallesh Pai 414 Kraft Hall
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Joseph Cavallaro 3042 Duncan Hall
Caleb Kemere 971 BioScience Research Collaborative
Santiago Segarra 2047 Duncan Hall
John Seymour 876 BioScience Research Collaborative
Ray Simar 2099 Duncan Hall
Peter Varman 2022 Duncan Hall
Gary Woods 2097 Duncan Hall
Ching Xie 871 BioScience Research Collaborative
Joseph Young 2098 Duncan Hall
Krista Comer 317 Herring Hall
Environmental Science
Prospectives, Freshmen, and Undeclared Sophomores
Amy Dunham (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) 253 Anderson Biological Lab
Evan Siemann (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) E200D George R. Brown Hall
Sylvia Dee (Earth Science) 313 Geology
Carrie Masiello (Earth Science) 207 Geology
Declared Majors/Minors
Adrienne Correa (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) 221 Anderson Biological Lab
Amy Dunham(Ecology and Evolutionary Biology) 253 Anderson Biological Lab
Sylvia Dee (Earth Science) 313 Geology
Carrie Masiello (Earth Science) 207 Geology

European Studies
Philip Wood 212 Rayzor Hall
French Studies
Deborah Nelson-Campbell 224 Rayzor Hall
German Studies
Astrid Oesmann 327 Rayzor Hall
Paula Sanders 329 Humanities
Cassandra Diep
(Health Sciences) S203 Tudor Fieldhouse
Heidi Perkins
(Health Sciences) S203 Tudor Fieldhouse
Laura Kabiri
(Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology) S203 Tudor Fieldhouse
Amanda Perkins-Ball
(Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology) S203 Tudor Fieldhouse
Augusto Rodriguez
(Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology) S203 Tudor Fieldhouse
Latin American Studies
Jose Aranda 309 Rayzor Hall
Robert Englebretson 206 Herring Hall
Materials Science and Nanoengineering
Peter Loos 215 Mechanical Engineering Bldg.
Hanyu Zhu E200J George R. Brown Hall
Zhiyong Gao 428 Herman Brown Hall
Frank Jones 448 Herman Brown Hall
Betul Orcan 440 Herman Brown Hall
Stephen Semmes 414 Herman Brown Hall
Stephen Wang 410 Herman Brown Hall
Mechanical Engineering
Matt Elliott 230 Mechanical Engineering Bldg.
Peter Lillehoj 675 Biosciences Research Collaborative
Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Maya Soifer Irish 311 Humanities Building
Geoffrey Scott 2235 Alice Pratt Brown Hall
Prospectives, Freshmen, and Undeclared Sophomores
Jon Flynn 103B Anderson Biological Lab
Nele Lefeldt 104C Anderson Biological Lab
Declared Majors
David Caprette 102B Anderson Biological Lab
Jon Flynn 103B Anderson Biological Lab
Nele Lefeldt 104C Anderson Biological Lab
Peter Lwigale 371 Anderson Biological Lab

Operations Research
Andrew Schaefer 2036 Duncan Hall
Charles Siewert 223 Humanities
Stan Dodds
(General Physics) 215 Herzstein Hall
Jason Hafner
(Chemical Physics & Overload Petitions) 262 Brockman Hall
Douglas Natelson
(Applied Physics) 301 Brockman Hall
Ching-Hwa Kiang
(Biophysics) 226 Brockman Hall
Frank Toffoletto
(Computation Physics) 362 Herman Brown Hall
Political Science
Ric Stoll 120 Herzstein Hall
Psychological Sciences
Carissa Zimmerman
(Major Advisor, Major Declarations, Undergraduate Research Liaison to TMC for Fall) 472 Sewall Hall
Sandy Parsons
(Major Advisor, Major Declarations, Psi Chi for Fall) 452 Sewall Hall
Eden King
(Honors) 429D Sewall Hall
Danielle King
(Undergraduate Research Liaison to the TMC for Spring) 429C Sewall Hall
Bryan Denny
(Psi Chi for Spring) 482 Sewall Hall
Özge Gürcanlı 482 Sewall Hall
Niki Clements 232 Humanities
Social Policy Analysis
Melissa Marschall 102 Herzstein Hall
Sergio Chavez 380 Sewall Hall
Spanish and Portuguese
Esther Fernández 228 Rayzor Hall
Sport Management
Clark Haptonstall 205A Tudor Fieldhouse
Elizabeth McGuffey 111 Maxfield Hall
Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality
Emily Houlik-Ritchey 235 Herring Hall
Visual and Dramatic Arts
Charles Dove
(Film/Photography) 552 Sewall Hall
Lisa Lapinski
(Studio/Visual Art) 258 Sewall Hall
Christina Keefe
(Theater) 103B Hamman Hall


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