Getting Started

Readmission procedures, including supporting documentation, will vary depending on your type of separation. Please refer to the letter you received at the time of your separation from Rice for your detailed readmission instructions.

All readmission requests, including termination of leave of absence, must be submitted to the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates (DOU) via the Readmission Petition Portal. Please visit the portal once your formal petition is ready to submit, as you will need to upload your petition at that time. The deadline for submitting your petition and supporting materials to the DOU is June 1 for fall readmission and November 1 for spring readmission. However, it is strongly recommended that you submit your petition via the portal by May 7 for fall readmission and October 7 for spring readmission to allow time for revisions if needed. Please note that the Office of Academic Advising does not assist with preparing petitions for readmission.

If you have further questions, you may refer to the contact list below:

  • If you are requesting readmission after an academic suspension, a leave of absence/withdrawal greater than four semesters, or if you withdrew in the last five weeks of your last enrolled semester at Rice, contact
  • If you are requesting readmission after a medical (wellbeing) leave or withdrawal, contact
  • If you are requesting readmission after a judicial suspension, contact
  • If your leave is different from the categories above, contact

Academic Plans for Readmission

Academic plans are required for readmission for the following types of separation:

  • Medical (wellbeing) leave of absence (LOA)
  • Any other LOA if separated for more than 4 semesters
  • All withdrawals
  • All academic suspensions
  • Judicial suspensions if separated for more than 4 semesters

If your readmission does require an academic plan, this must be submitted to the Office of Academic Advising via e-mail at You may download the Readmission Questionnaire and Academic Plan template below in your preferred format. Please do your best to answer the questions and complete the plan. Procedures for completing the academic plan are also available as a separate document. Our office must receive your plan by 5:00 pm CT on May 7 to be considered for fall readmission, or by 5:00 pm CT on October 7 to be considered for spring readmission. Plans received after these deadlines will be pushed to the next readmission cycle. Please be prepared to respond to e-mails from our office so that we can assist you in getting your academic plan approved in time to meet your readmission deadline. Our office will submit your academic plan directly to the DOU once it has been approved.

Readmission Academic Plan Templates

Additional Resources for Academic Planning


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