Students seeking readmission through the Office of the Dean of Undergraduates are directed to contact the Office of Academic Advising (OAA). The OAA plays an important role in helping students return to Rice after time away for any reason. Each student has unique circumstances, academic interests and plans, so each situation is handled individually.

About the Readmission Process

For students seeking readmission following academic suspension and/or medical leave, an academic plan must be completed and approved by the OAA in advance of the deadlines for submission of petition materials to the Dean of Undergraduates. The Dean of Undergraduates requests that a formal letter of petition, supporting letters, and an approved academic plan be received by June 1 for readmission in the fall semester and November 1 for readmission in the spring semester (see General Announcements for further details). The deadlines to submit a draft academic plan to the OAA are earlier than the readmission petition deadlines. Students must submit their draft academic plan to the OAA by May 7 for fall readmission or October 7 for spring readmission. Often times, the revision process takes several steps and iterations to arrive at an approved plan, so careful attention to detail and responsiveness during this period is critical to student success.

While using the documents below and working with the OAA to create an accurate academic plan for readmission, it is also highly recommended that students share their plan with a Major Advisor who can review it for major course accuracy and attainability. Furthermore, if students have been taking classes at another institution, they will need to consult the Office of the Registrar and the appropriate Transfer Credit Advisors to learn more about the transfer credit process.

Readmission Academic Plan Templates

Additional Resources for Academic Planning

Readmission Process Outline

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