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At Rice, a large number of students consider attending graduate or professional school. Often they seek to gain additional knowledge in a field of interest, expand career opportunities and increase earning potential, or work closely with experts in a particular discipline. In fact, in response to the 2012 Senior Exit Survey, 36% of Rice graduating seniors indicated that they would attend graduate or professional school immediately after graduation. Another 47% indicated that they would pursue advanced study at some point in the future.

Before making the decision to attend graduate school, carefully reflect on your reasons for continuing your education.

  • Weigh the time commitment, financial considerations, personal adjustments and sacrifices, and readiness to pursue graduate level work.
  • Assess the value of a graduate degree in terms of earning potential, entry into a profession, advancement, and competitiveness.
  • Seek guidance from faculty, alumni, professionals in the field, academic and career advisors, and current graduate students.

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