Academic Fellows and Mentors Societies

Each residential college has an Academic Fellows or Mentors Society, an honorary service organization dedicated to academic life in the college. Fellows and Mentors are upperclassmen who were selected based on proven academic achievement and demonstrated willingness to help fellow students. As part of their charge, Fellows and Mentors provide free academic assistance on a regular basis through advertised review sessions, “office hours” in the college commons, and individual tutoring by request. Significant advantages of consulting a Fellow or Mentor are the convenience and proximity of the source as well as the familiarity of the Fellow or Mentor with the specific course.

Check here for a list of the office hours and review sessions for the Fellows/Mentors in your college! Note: You will need to be logged into your NetID to access this Google Sheet.

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Who are your Academic Fellows and Mentors?

Baker College Mentors

Aiden Allen-Lyons |
Political Science; Politics, Law, and Social Thought minor; Environmental Studies minor; CLIC certificate; pre-law

Anya Hansen |
Statistics, Mathematics; Data Science minor;

Arunima Jaiswal |
Neuroscience; Creative Writing minor; pre-grad, pre-med

Ashley Weeks |
Biosciences (Cell Biology & Genetics); pre-med

Austin Cox |
Finance, Spanish minor; pre-busi

Bowen Yao |
Computer Science & Chemistry

Diego Hinojosa |
Political Science, Philosophy; Politics, Law, and Social Thought minor, Pre-Law

Erika Alvarez |
Political Science, Business; Politics Law & Social Thought minor; Certificate in Civic Leadership

Jay Collura |
Political Science, Business; Politics Law and Social Thought minor, pre-law

Jocelyn Lee |
Biosciences (Cell Biology & Genetics); pre-med

Josie Feeney |
Chemistry (BS), Spanish and Portuguese (BA); Biochemistry minor; pre-med

Kyle Zhao |
Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology; pre-health

Joyce Li |
BA Cognitive Sciences, MS Environmental Analysis; pre-grad

Lynn-Chi Nguyen |
Health Sciences; Medical Humanities minor; pre-med

Lavinia Barker |
Electrical Engineering

Malcolm Wigder |
Physics and Electrical Engineering, Astronomy minor; Pre-Busi, Pre-grad

Marissa Giangio |
Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology and Business Finance, Pre-med

Matthew Ye |
Biosciences - Biochemistry; Data Science minor, Medical Humanities minor, Spanish Certificate, Pre-med

Micah Kepe |
Computer Science

Michael Garcia |
History/Business (Management); Politics, Law, and Social Thought minor, Pre-law

Nafiza Meher |
Biosciences with a concentration in Cell Biology and Genetics; Neuroscience minor, Medical Humanities minor, Spanish Certificate; Pre-med

Nehal Patel |
Biosciences with Concentration in Cell Biology and Genetics; Neuroscience minor; Pre-med

Nikita Singh |
Biosciences with Concentration in Cell Biology and Genetics; Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Olivia Robson |
Sociology, VADA (Studio Art Concentration); Medical Humanities minor; Anthropology minor

Paige LaRock |
Environmental Engineering, Business; Pre-busi

Rishab Kolachina |
Biosciences with Concentration in Cell Biology and Genetics; Pre-med

Sarah Benjamin |
Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology; Biochemistry and Cell Biology minor; Pre-med

Stella Son |
Biosciences with major concentration in Biochemistry; Pre-med

Vivian Ha |
Biochemistry, English; Neuroscience minor; Pre-med

Vivian Zheng |
Political Science; Politics, Law, and Social Thought minor; Pre-law

Brown College Fellows

Brandon Cayce |
BioSciences, Business; Pre-business, Pre-med

Waverly Dickason |
Linguistics, Spanish

Alexander Han |
BioSciences (Biochemistry); Statistics; Pre-Phd

Jae Kim |
BioSciences (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology); Environmental Studies minor; Pre-health, Pre-grad

Abhinav Madduri |
BioSciences (Biochemistry), Neuroscience; Pre-med

Angelina Hall |
Health Sciences, Sociology; Pre-grad

Brandon Peoples |
Mechanical Engineering; Engineering Design minor

Gabriel Ong |
Computer Science

Gwenyth FitzSimmons |
Computer Science, Electrical Engineering

Hamza Saeed |

Sofia Lakhani |
Computer Science; Data Science minor; Pre-grad

Tia Gandhi |
Bioengineering; Pre-med

Jessaly Chavez |
Political Science; Latin American Studies minor; Pre-law

Elena Siemens |
Environmental Science (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology); Pre-health

Adam Spieles |
Computational & Applied Mathematics, Business (Finance); Pre-MBA

Jonathan Makhoul |
Bioengineering & Chemistry; Pre-Grad

Wisha Wanichwecharungruang |
Computer Science, Mathematics; Pre-grad

Robert Gray |
English and Entrepreneurship; Pre-law

Duncan College Fellows

Amara Anyanwu |
Psychology; Ecology & Evolutionary Biology minor

Aj Jacobs |
Political Science; Politics, Law and Social Thought minor

Alia Nathani |
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Business minor

Alice Kim |
Sports Medicine

Art He |
Bioengineering; Engineering Design Minor

Caden Farley |
Mathematics; Pre-grad

Colin Buechler-Neimeyer |
Sport Management, Business

Hannah Foster |
Art History; Museum and Cultural Heritage minor

Imogen Brown |
Study of Women, Gender, & Sexuality, Psychology; Poverty, Justice, & Human Capabilities minor

Isabel Wang |
Health Sciences

Dillan Patel |

Darrell Good |
Electrical Engineering; Engineering Design minor

Katie Hart |
Mechanical Engineering; Pre-grad

Jake Lehrman |
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Vinson Lu |
Computer Science

Juliet Jones |

Kayla Yao |

Khoi Nguyen |

Melissa Mar |
Statistics; Data Science minor

Michael Dong |

Christian Saldana |
Business, Psychology

Rachel Rosenthal |
Social Policy Analysis

Rongyin He |
Neuroscience, Statistics

Sanjay Soni |

Temi Boroffice |
Computational and Applied Mathematics

Tiffany Nguyen |

Claire Yang |

Wren Kawamura |
Computational Physics; Mathematics

Hanszen College Fellows

Ellie Cha |
English; Politics, Law and Social Thought minor; Pre-law

Maria Contreras | mac50
Bioengineering; Global Health Technologies minor, Data Science minor; Pre-med

Jaime Tellez |
Chemistry; Pre-med

Sean Cartwright |
Mathematical Economical Analysis, Business

Liam Waite |
Electrical Engineering

Pablo Solano |
Mathematical Economic Analysis; Data Science minor, Business minor, Financial Computation and Modeling minor

Yumn Teshome |
Computer Science, Mathematics

Ammar Siddiqi |
Biosciences, Psychological Sciences

Ray Xiang |
Chemistry; Pre-grad

Anagha Alapati |

Angela An |
English; Pre-grad

Jason Nguyen |
Biosciences; Religion minor; Pre-Med

Alan Tapper |
Computer Science, Mathematics; Pre-Grad

Marc Armeña |
Art History, Mechanical Engineering; Pre-Grad

Emily Han |
Biosciences; Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Nimah Shukkoor |
Chemical Physics, Philosophy

Lily Remington |
BioSciences (Cell Biology & Genetics), Transnational Asian Studies; Physics

Nitin Reganti |
Chemistry, Art History; Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Sara Price |
Anthropology; Politics, Law and Social Thought minor

Isha Khapre |

Adi Zytek |
Mathematical Economic Analysis; Neuroscience minor; Pre-grad

Jones College Fellows

Andrew Buehler |

Gautam Chaudhry |

Ana Hogan |

Harrison Huang |

Nishanka Kuthuru |

Daniel Li |

Sanjay Rajasekhar |

Brandon Rice |

Eduardo Ruiz |

Gretchen Schulke |

Adi Peddi |

Adam Thomas |

Alex Gonzalez |

Ana Letca |

Anna Huang |

Ben Allen |

David Su |

Devika Shankar |

Franklin Dai |

Grace Eichenour |

Grace Sattem |

Josh Davis |

Kathy Lachman |

Matthew Taylor-Chang |

Nyla Hartigan |

Rija Naqvi |

Sarah Birenbaum |

Shreya Majeti |

Shrutika Gupta |

Taya Lasota |

Varsha Chandramouli |

Lovett College Fellows

Nischal Ada |
Chemistry; Biochemistry & Cell Biology minor; Pre-med

Abiel Quinonez |
Mathematics, Computer Science; Pre-grad

Alina Nguyen |

Arman Saxena |

Ayush Suresh |
Computer Science; Pre-med

Anish Attarde |
BioSciences, Kinesiology; Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Brian Bishara |
Bioengineering; Pre-med

Caleb Fikes |
Mathematics, Physics

Cindy Han |
BioSciences (Cell Biology & Genetics); Pre-med

Daniel Terrazas |
Computer Science

David Rauch |
Physics; Pre-med

David Shaw |
Political Science, History

Shonik Ganjoo |

Evan Huang |
Mathematics; Pre-grad

Eric Shackleford |

Justin Cruz | |
Mathematics, Computer Science

Samantha Lydon |
Bioengineering; Pre-grad

Ariel Ma |
Neuroscience, Health Sciences; Medical Humanities, Biochemistry minor; Pre-med

Natalia Mendiola |
Electrical & Computer Engineering; Data Science minor

Obiekezie Ozoigbo |
Biochemistry; Pre-med

Ariana Moshiri |
Health Sciences; Neuroscience minor; Pre-med

Rohan Pillai |
Chemistry; Pre-grad

Siddhant Patil |
Biosciences; Religion minor; Pre-med

Joseph Quinlan |
Bioengineering; Global Health Technologies minor

Ryan Wang |
Computer Science, Neuroscience; Pre-grad

Jennifer Zhou |
Mathematics, Economics, Business; Computational & Applied Mathematics, Asian Studies minor

Martel College Mentors

Aleix Estevadeordal |
Mechanical Engineering; Pre-Grad

Alex Lin |
Chemistry; Biochemistry and Cell Biology minor; Pre-Grad

Brendan Frizzell |
Sociology and Spanish & Portuguese; Latin American & Latinx Studies minor; Pre-Grad

Daniel Rustein |
Economics, Sport Management; Spanish Minor; Pre-Law

Darsh Shah |
Sports medicine and exercise science; Biochemistry minor; Pre-grad

Divyam Bansal |
Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology; Biochemistry and Cell Biology minor, Statistics minor; Pre-med

Emily Nguyen |
Psychology; Biochemistry and Cell Biology minor; Pre-med

Evelyn Gates |
Computer Science; Entrepreneurship minor; Pre-business, Pre-grad

James Mahoney |
Mechanical Engineering; Pre-grad

Kilian James |
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; Philosophy minor; Pre-Law

Alex Lin |
Chemistry; Biochemistry and Cell Biology minor; Pre-grad, Pre-med

Phoenix Orta |
Anthropology, BioSciences (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology) minor

Katelynn Porras |
Political Science; Statistics minor; Politics, Law and Social Thought minor; Pre-law

Howard Qian |
Computer Science; Pre-grad

Priyanka Senthil |
Health Sciences; Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Carolyn Teng |
Neuroscience; Art History minor; Pre-med

Jacob Williams |
Mathematics, Computer Science; Pre-grad

Sabrina Talghader |
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Journey Winkle |
Physics; Computational & Applied Mathematics minor; Preg -grad

Grace Xu |
Mathematical Economic Analysis; Mathematics minor, FCAM minor; Pre-grad

Zirong Liu |
Mathematics; Statistics minor; Pre-grad

McMurtry College Fellows

Alison Colvis |

Xiaowei Chen |
Chemistry; Physics minor; Pre-grad

Katherine Cheng |
Business (Finance); Financial Computation & Modeling, Statistics minor; Pre-business

Raphael Dela Cruz |
Civil & Environmental Engineering; RCEL Certificate

Jacob Givoni |
Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology

Maria Hancu |
Biology, Chemistry; Art History minor; Pre-grad, pre-med

James Hwang |
BioSciences (Biochemistry); Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Prerna Mohan |
Chemistry, Classical Studies; Pre-med

Olivia Mudrick |
Electrical Engineering; Pre-business, pre-grad

Liliana Nikolova |
Mathematical Economic Analysis; Pre-med

Natasha Patnaik |
Operations Research, Mathematical Economic Analysis; Pre-business, pre-grad

Nishita Prasad |
BioSciences (Cell Biology), Business (Finance); Pre-business, pre-med

Pedro Ribeiro |
Political Science, Philosophy; Politics, Law, & Social Thought minor; Pre-law

Rhea Rungta |
Cognitive Sciences; Pre-grad, pre-law

Maham Sewani |
BioSciences, Social Policy Analysis; Pre-med

Wendy Tan |
Electrical Engineering; Pre-grad

Maria Telesforo |
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering; Pre-grad

Jacob Wong |
Sports Medicine & Exercise Physiology; Entrepreneurship; Pre-med

Anas Yousaf |
Mechanical Engineering; Engineering Design minor

Andrew Larsen |
Biosciences; Business minor;

Damian Gonzales |
Mechanical Engineering; Engineering Design minor

Eleanor Tucker |

Sam Wu | sxw2​​​​​​​

Erin Kang |
Sociology; Art History minor; Pre-law

Ishani​​​​​​​ Kaul | ik17​​​​​​​
Health Sciences, History; Pre-law

Jiya Bhatia |
Chemistry; Sociology minor; Pre-med

Jonah Torres |
Health Science; Biochemistry and Cell Biology minor; Pre-Med

Jorge Arnez Gonzales |

Kathy Liang |
Biosciences, Linguistics; Neuroscience minor; Pre-med

Maham Sewani | mas35​​​​​​​
Biosciences, Social Policy Analysis

Malcolm Lovejoy | mhl8​​​​​​​
History, Political Science; Pre-grad, pre-law

Nathan Nguyen | nan3​​​​​​​

Nikhil Mummaneni |

Paige Sutter |

Timmy Mansfield |

Tina Li |

Youssef Gehad |

Zabrina Sidhu |

Sid Richardson College Fellows

Abby Antinossi |
History; Museums & Cultural Heritage minor; Pre-grad

Kush Mangla | kvm3​​​​​​​
Computer Science; Cognitive Science

Aliya Belay |
Mechanical Engineering

Anna Tetreault | art7​​​​​​​

Arielle Hayon | ah100​​​​​​​
Managerial Economics and Organizational Sciences

Autumn Hildebrand | awh7​​​​​​​

Mayherpreet Bedi |
Mathematical Economic Analysis; Data Science, Financial Computation & Modeling minor; Pre-business

Maiana Castro |
Psychology; Pre-grad

Ashley Chung |
Psychology, Political Science; Politics, Law, & Social Thought minor; Pre-grad, pre-law

Carolyn Suradejvibul | cs155​​​​​​​
Sociology; Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Chiagoze Chuks-Nwosu | cnc8​​​​​​​
Cognitive Science; Pre-med

Emily Ellison |
Mechanical Engineering; Pre-grad

Guinivere Yeung | gy16​​​​​​​
Political Science, Sport Management; Pre-law

Tania Garcia-Jasso |
Psychology, Cognitive Sciences; Statistics minor, Spanish certificate; Pre-grad

Jason Han |
Computer Science

Lauren Nguyen | len5​​​​​​​
Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology; Biochemistry minor, Medical Humanities minor, Spanish Certificate

Liam Ruiz-Steblein | ldr3​​​​​​​
Computer Science; Mathematics minor, Data Science minor

Judy Zhu | rz35​​​​​​​
Mathematics; Pre-grad

Kevin Hernandez |
Computer Science; Data Science minor

Adel Iqbal |
Neuroscience, Political Science; Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Sriya Kakarla |
Health Sciences, Spanish; Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Laura Beuhler |
Neuroscience; Spanish and Portuguese Studies; Pre-med

Jenny Liu |
BioSciences, Visual & Dramatic Arts; Pre-med

Fredrick Mungai |
Mechanical Engineering; Engineering Design minor; Pre-grad

Adam Nelson |
BioSciences (Biochemistry); Pre-med

Manna Trevino | mdt5​​​​​​​
Biosciences; Politics, Law, and Social Thought minor; Pre-law

Grace Wang |
Computational & Applied Mathematics; Data Science minor

Mark (Graham) Waterstraat | mgw7​​​​​​​
Neuroscience, Environmental Science; Pre-health

Grace Wang |
Computational & Applied Mathematics; Data Science minor

Rommel Cabellero | rc87​​​​​​​
Biosciences, Political Science

Ryan Gan |
Computer Science

Sure Ibukun | smi4​​​​​​​
English; Data Science minor

Wiess College Mentors

Langston Ford | lmf9​​​​​​​
Political Science; Pre-law

Saagar Dhanjani |
Sports Medicine, Health Sciences; Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Ava Fradlin |
Sports Medicine & Exercise Physiology; Pre-med

Aishani Gargapati |
Biosciences (Cell Biology & Genetics); Medical Humanities minor; Pre-health

Anna Hsu |
Health Sciences; Biochemistry and Cell Biology minor; Pre-med

Kevin Jin |
Biosciences (Cell Biology & Genetics); Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Elaine Liu |
Statistics; Data Science minor; Mathematics minor; Pre-Grad

Annie McKenzie |
Latin American Studies, History

Drew Moore |
Biosciences (Cell Biology), Linguistics; Pre-med

Tom Punnen |
Neuroscience; Pre-med

Addison Saley |
Biosciences; Pre-med

Milton Nguyen | mtn10​​​​​​​
Health Sciences

Max Slotnik |
Biosciences (Biochemistry); Pre-med

Riya Misra | rm105​​​​​​​
English (concentration in creative writing); Social Policy Analysis; Study of Women, Gender & Sexuality minor

Tina Wen |
Computer Science, Business; Pre-Business

Benji Wilton |
History, Sport Management; Business minor; Politics, Law and Social Thought minor

Lindsay Wright |
Mechanical Engineering; Pre-grad

Maleah Brady | mmb20​​​​​​​
Computer Science; Cognitive Science; Anthropology minor

Leo Zhang |
Biosciences (Biochemistry), Medical Humanities minor; Pre-med

Amy Zuo |

Will Rice College Fellows

Sean Bishop |
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering; Pre-grad

Eli Case |
Mechanical Engineering; Computational & Applied Mathematics minor

Brandon Chen |
Cognitive Sciences; Medical Humanities, Biochemistry & Cell Biology minor; Pre-med

Sierra Chen |
BioSciences; Anthropology minor; Pre-med

Tessa Domsky |
Visual & Dramatic Arts, Art History; Pre-grad

Ivana Hsyung |
Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Brooke Nguyen |
Psychology; Pre-med, Pre-health

William Pan |
Electrical & Computer Engineering

Tanya Pawawongsak |
Chemistry; Pre-med

Giancarlo Valenzuela
BioSciences; Pre-med

Daniel Plascencia | dp60​​​​​​​
Mechanical Engineering; Engineering Design minor; Pre-grad

Adam Vuong |
Bioengineering; Pre-grad

Anya Sathyajit |
Cognitive Science

Ayooluwanitemi Aitokhuehi |
Mathematics, Computer Science

Ellen Maerean |
Health; Biosciences minor; Pre-med

Esha Sarakinti |
Health; Data Science minor; Spanish

Jack Eisinger |
Psychological Sciences; Business minor; Data Science minor

Jacob Lim |
Biosciences; Pre-med

Kate Doherty |
Biosciences, History; Pre-med

Kendall Lyman |
Psychology; Pre-med, Pre-health

Manya Shah |
Business, Psychological Sciences; Pre-law

Marty Brandwein |
Computer Science

Misha Gupta |
Mathematical Economic Analysis; Engineering Design minor, Data Science minor

Nikitha Kota |
Biosciences, Study of Women, Gender & Sexuality; Pre-med

Shriya Reddy |
Chemistry, Computer Science; Pre-grad

Thomas Lu |
Computer Science, Computational Applied Mathematics and Operations Research

Yeonju Kim | yk59​​​​​​​
Bioengineering; Pre-grad

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