Minor and Certificate Advisors

Minor and Certificate Advisors 2021-2022

African and African American Studies
Daniel Domingues domingues@rice.edu 304 Humanities Building
Gökçe Günel gg15@rice.edu 584 Sewall Hall
Art History
Lida Oukaderova lida.oukaderova@rice.edu 251B Herring Hall
Asian Studies
Steven Lewis swlewis@rice.edu 224 Baker Hall
Biochemistry & Cell Biology
Kate Beckingham
kate@rice.edu W130 George R. Brown Hall
Dave Caprette
caprette@rice.edu 102B Anderson Biological Lab
Charles Stewart
crs@rice.edu W104 George R. Brown Hall
Natalia Piqueira natalia.piqueira@rice.edu 234 McNair Hall
Cinema and Media Studies
Martin Blumenthal-Barby martin.blumenthal-barby@rice.edu 251B Herring Hall
Lida Oukaderova lida.oukaderova@rice.edu 251B Herring Hall
Civic Leadership - Certificate Program
Morgan Kinney mbk3@rice.edu 220 Rice Memorial Center
Classical Civilizations
Hilary Mackie mackie@rice.edu 233 Rayzor Hall
Computational and Applied Mathematics
Jesse Chan jesse.chan@rice.edu 2007 Duncan Hall
Andrew Schaefer andrew.schaefer@rice.edu 2036 Duncan Hall
Data Science
Rudy Guerra
(for STAT, and Natural Science majors)
rguerra@rice.edu 2097 Duncan Hall
Chris Jermaine
(for COMP or ELEC majors)
cmj4@rice.edu 3010 Duncan Hall
Elizabeth Petrick
(for Humanities majors)
elizabeth.petrick@rice.edu 324 Humanities Building
Fred Oswald
(for Social Science majors)
fred.oswald@rice.edu 429F Sewall Hall
Su Chen
(for CAAM, BIOE, CHBE majors)
sc131@rice.edu Data2Knowledge Lab
Arko Barman
(for MECH, MSNE, CEVE majors)
arko.barman@rice.edu Data2Knowledge Lab
Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences
Sylvia Dee
sylvia.dee@rice.edu 313 Keith-Wiess Geological Lab
Helge Gonnermann
(Geoscience, Planetary)
helge@rice.edu 219 Keith-Wiess Geological Lab
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Dave Caprette caprette@rice.edu 102B Anderson Biological Laboratories
Scott Solomon scott.solomon@rice.edu 07 Herman Brown Hall
Energy and Water Sustainability
Jorge Loyo jorge.loyo@rice.edu
Engineering Design
Joseph Cavallaro cavallar@rice.edu 3042 DCH
Deirdre Hunter hunterd@rice.edu B14 OEDK
Maria Oden moden@rice.edu 107 OEDK
Matthew Wettergreen mwettergreen@rice.edu B03 OEDK
Gary Woods gary.woods@rice.edu 2097 DCH
Kris Cuellar kris.cuellar@rice.edu 130 Cambridge Office Building
Environmental Studies
Joseph Campana campana@rice.edu 315 Herring Hall
Richard Johnson rrj@rice.edu 122.02 Facilities Engr. and Planning
Financial Computation and Modeling
Kathy Ensor ensor@rice.edu 2080 Duncan Hall
John Dobelman dobleman@rice.edu 2100 Duncan Hall
Mahmoud El-Gamal elgamal@rice.edu 429 Kraft Hall
French Studies
Deborah Nelson-Campbell dnelson@rice.edu 224 Rayzor Hall
German Studies
Astrid Oesmann astrid.oesmann@rice.edu 327 Rayzor Hall
Global Health Technologies
Meaghan Bond meaghan.mc.bond@rice.edu 517 BioScience Research Collaborative
Andi Gobin andi.gobin@rice.edu 917 BioScience Research Collaborative
Yvette Mirabal ymirabal@rice.edu 920 BioScience Research Collaborative
Ashley Taylor ashley.r.taylor@rice.edu 917 BioScience Research Collaborative
Greek Language and Literature
Hilary Mackie mackie@rice.edu 233 Rayzor Hall
Jewish Studies
Joshua Furman joshua.furman@rice.edu 418 Fondren Library
Matthias Henze mhenze@rice.edu 205 Humanities
Languages & Intercultural Communication
Luziris Pineda Turi lpturi@rice.edu 221 Rayzor Hall
Latin Language and Literature
Hilary Mackie mackie@rice.edu 233 Rayzor Hall
Zhiyong Gao zgao@rice.edu 416 Herman Brown Hall
Frank Jones fjones@rice.edu 448 Herman Brown Hall
Betul Orcan orcan@rice.edu 440 Herman Brown Hall
Stephen Semmes semmes@rice.edu 414 Herman Brown Hall
Stephen Wang sswang@rice.edu 410 Herman Brown Hall
Medical Humanities
Kirsten Ostherr
kostherr@rice.edu 313 Herring Hall
Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Maya Soifer Irish maya.s.irish@rice.edu 311 Humanities Building
Museums and Cultural Heritage
Farès el-Dahdah fdahdah@rice.edu 117 Herring Hall
Fabiola Lopez-Duran fld@rice.edu 120 Herring Hall
Naval Sciences
Major Eric Kroeger erkroeger@rice.edu 216B Annex
Lieutenant Kyle Leonard kyle.m.leonard@rice.edu 216B Annex
David Caprette caprette@rice.edu 102B Anderson Biological Lab
Jon Flynn flynn@rice.edu 103B Anderson Biological Lab
Nele Lefeldt nele.lefeldt@rice.edu 104C Anderson Biological Lab
Peter Lwigale lwigale@rice.edu 371 Anderson Biological Lab
Physics & Astronomy
Stan Dodds dodds@rice.edu 215 Herzstein Hall
Politics, Law, and Social Thought
Peter Caldwell caldwell@rice.edu 336 Humanities
Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities
Moramay Lopez Alonso moramay@rice.edu 313 Humanities
Diana Strassmann dls@rice.edu 111 Humanities
Kerry Ward kward@rice.edu 312 Humanities
Niki Clements niki.clements@rice.edu 232 Humanities
Rice Center for Engineering Leadership (RCEL) - Certificate Program
Kaz Karwowski kazimir.i.karwowski@rice.edu Abercrombie Lab
Sergio Chavez sergio.chavez@rice.edu 254 Kraft Hall
Spanish and Portuguese
Esther Fernandez esther.fernandez@rice.edu 312 Rayzor Hall
Elizabeth McGuffey elizabeth.mcguffey@rice.edu 111 Maxfield Hall
Teaching Certification Program (Secondary Education)
Judy Radigan jradigan@rice.edu 335 Anderson-Clarke Bldg

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