Pre-Law Resources

Multiple online resources exist that can help students explore and better understand the law school admission process and the legal profession. We encourage students to think critically when visiting online forums or sites that boast insider knowledge. Some of these sites can provide excellent information, while others do not. The resources below serve as reliable launching points for your search.

LSAT and Law School Information

Law School Admission Council

Law School Recruitment Forums

Official Guide to ABA-Approved Law Schools

ABA Required Law School Disclosures

Council on Legal Education Opportunity

80+ Free LSAT Resources


Flyers and Institutional Guides

Information Sessions

LSAC Forum Tips and Tricks

Pre-Law Overview and Fast Facts


Career Information

National Association for Law Placement

Law School Employment Summaries


Admission Blogs

Harvard Law School

Stanford Law School

Yale Law School

Spivey Consulting


Professional Organizations

American Bar Association

State Bar of Texas

Houston Bar Association

Texas Young Lawyers Association

Rice University Lawyer Alumni (RULA)



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